SoEasy Rewards

2017 — 2019

Loyalty works, but loyalty platforms do not. Nobody wants to carry 30 loyalty cards in their wallet. Current digital platforms often require customers to download an app, register for an account, and give up personal information. And this is all happening while the customer is trying to pay for their purchases.

SoEasy Rewards was designed to make loyalty programs fast, fun, and simple to use. No downloads. No sign ups. No QR codes. No personal information. Customers will only need a card that they already have in their wallet, and an action that they have done countless of times—the tapping of their EZ-Link card.

SoEasy Rewards Tablet and Reader
Just Tap

It's So Easy!

It's in the name. We were focused on the end-to-end experience. The brand name is easy to remember and simple enough to pronounce by customers of all ages. The platform requires a card that most Singaporeans own. We understood that transaction times affected our merchant's revenue, so we made that every action was as simple and as quick as possible.

Less 10 seconds per transaction
Delightful animations throughout the experience

Happy Customers. Happy Merchants.

Every interaction is fast and simple. Font sizes were considered based on the average distance between the customer and the tablet. Buttons are large enough for cashiers to use with minimal error. Redeeming of rewards takes only two taps. Rewarding customers with a stamp take less than 10 seconds. Customers are shown a delightful animation every time a transaction takes place. This increases the sense of being rewarded, which makes the customers feel happy patronising the business.

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SoEasy Rewards App — Home Screen
SoEasy Rewards App — Venue Screen
SoEasy Rewards Merchant Dashboard

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