NonSlip was designed to monitor and prevent falls of the elderly who are home alone. A working prototype was created during a 24 hours IoT marathon. The interface was designed to easily showcase the multitude of sensors that were used. It allows us to see the pressure a person was putting on the slippers, a 3d model of how the slippers are moving or rotating in real-time. We used existing bluetooth devices in the house to triangulate a person's location.

Year of Health


Year of Health was a personal project to keep track of my daily eating habits. I have always been interested in the concept of the quantified self and have always struggled with a balanced diet. This was also an opportunity to explore a style of design that is different from I am used to.



Candlenut is a restaurant that prides itself in serving inspired dishes with authentic flavours. I designed and developed a clean, minimal, and highly functional website as requested by the client. At that point, Candlenut had just moved to a new location, and their menu changed regularly. The goal of the website was to allow customers to access this new information as quickly as possible, without any fancy interactions that could hinder the experience.

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