2015, Concept

When McDonald’s rolled out their new queue system, I conceptualized a simple app that could detect which branch I was at, allow me to place an order, and receive a queue number without having to stand in line.



Candlenut is a restaurant that prides itself in serving inspired dishes with authentic flavours. I designed and developed a clean, minimal, and highly functional website as requested by the client. At that point, Candlenut had just moved to a new location, and their menu changed regularly. The goal of the website was to allow customers to access this new information as quickly as possible, without any fancy interactions that could hinder the experience.


2015, Concept

RageSell is a concept that was born out of experiences while using Carousell. Carousell's interface felt extremely cluttered as there were too many actions without any focus. So I designed a couple of screens that focused on grouping primary actions such as 'Follow' and 'View Reputation' together while highlighting important information such as price to the users.

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